Antonio Sorrentino is an Italian photographer who lives in the Peruvian Andes where he is experiencing life through the ancient Andean practice and the development of photography focused on documenting indigenous communities and their traditions. His last book “A spiritual Geography of the Highlands” is a story that presents itself like a visual inventory of the spiritual world of the Andes. Antonio participated in several exhibitions in Europe and South America and published his editorial work in international magazines. He studied a Master of Documentary Photography and Narrative at EFTI (Madrid) and a Master of Visual Arts, Photography and Creative Projects at UMH in Spain. He worked as a photographer in Lima, Peru, where he founded a photographic agency named Phoss. He taught at Corriente Alterna, a visual arts academy in Lima.

Born in 1985 in Sarzana, a small town in the north of Italy.  Antonio Sorrentino lives and works in Cusco, Perú.  He is co-founder of  Phoss, a photographic agency bases in Lima. He was teaching photography at the Corriente Alterna, Academy of fine arts of Lima. Studies  / 2013, international Master of documentary photography and Narrative, EFTI, school of Photography, Center of Image, Madrid, Spain / 2013, Degree of university expert in visual arts, photography and creative personal project, University Miguel Hernández, Elche, Spain  

Exhibitions and contests 2019 A Spiritual Geography of the Andes, Personal Structure, ECC Venice Bienale, Venice, 2018, A Spiritual Geography of the Andes, Brick Lane Gallery, London2016, Exhibition in SegoviaFoto, Etica y estetica de lo verdadero, Segovia, Spain / 2015, Exhibition in "De la Huaca al Boom: un rostro para Lima" of "Movimientos. Huacas" in the Harrison Gallery, Lima / 2014, Exhibition of RE-AD at the SUM gallery in Lima, Peru / 2014, Exhibition of RE-AD at the British Cultural Centre's Gallery in Lima, Perú / 2013, Reward "Al Betrayal", Efti school of Photography, Centre of image, Madrid, Spain  / 2013, Group Exhibition PhotoEspaña, Madrid, Spain / 2013, Group Exhibition Blank Paper, Madrid, Spain / 2013. Group Exhibition Fine arts Academy, Madrid, Spain / 2013. Group Exhibition "De tal palo tal astilla", Tarazona Foto, Spain / 2010, Direction of the photography of " welcome on the moon ", short movie presented to the GFF / 2010, Solo Exhibition, Portrait, La Spezia, Italy / 2009, Honorable mention, IPA int'l photography awards 

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