Antonio Sorrentino

The Interstitial Field

For a year I worked with my wife in the cattle fattening center of her family. Her father had just passed away and her mother need a help with the farm. We often brought bulls to the slaughterhouse and followed, like the other, the process of sacrifice. At the time we were vegeterians. It was very difficoult to live with all that. I remember the long days in the camp. Sometimes, I had to wait almost all day before i could return to home with the document that indicated the sum of the kilos we had sold. So I usually went for a walk, photographing the land surrounding the slaughterhouse building. I started to imaging that the building was like a cell, and the terrain around it, its plasma: the intersticial fluid through which the cell receives its food, and also where it leaves its waste. I dedicated my attention to the type of grass that was born, the industrial waste,  to the reamains of the animal bodies, to forgotten objects...